Intermediate course consists of 10 lessons as well. Everybody who knows the basics from the beginners course can join in. This means, the course attendant will prepare a horse by him/herself and lead it to the riding area where the instructor will be waiting. The number of course attendants can be more than 4. In this course the techniques are looked into more thoroughly and the riders are taught how to be in charge, t.i. how to feel the dominance over the horse and how to be precise and consistant in the commands they give to the animal. The riders learn how to canter first on the long-line and later in the riding area without help. There is also a lot of riding over small obstacles which teaches the rider to lead the horse correctly over the obstacle, right in the middle of it. The rider is also taught to ride circles, diagonals, etc.

Po končanih začetnemu in nadaljevalnemu tečaju lahko jahač nadaljuje z izpopolnjevanjem jahanja, s tem,da je zdaj poudarek na galopiranju in sedečem kasu. Prične se preskakovati manjše ovire in delati težje dresurne naloge.

After finishing beginner’s and intermediate course the rider can  continue perfecting his/her riding techniques, this time the emphasis being on cantering and sitting trot as well as jumping over obstacles and making some harder dressage moves.

Licences: JAHAČ 1 in JAHAČ 2

Every course attendant can apply for the above mentioned licences when he or she shows enough riding knowledge. The programmes for them are official programmes of the Equine Association of Slovenia. JAHAČ 2 is the licence that enables the rider to go terrain riding.