Holiday camps for children

A six day horse-work and riding camp. Children arrive on Sunday afternoon and go back home on Friday evening. Beside learning the basis of riding, the children are also taught how to tend for the animal, take care of the stables and riding equipment. Doing all this they learn lots of things in a way that they find amusing and fun. They learn discipline, gain work habbits and some respect  towards  material things. Horses are animals that feel safe in a daily routine, that is why they need to be taken care of each day in the same way, at the same time. The children feed the horses early in the morning, clean their boxes and make sure the stables are neat and clean.

The camps include a lesson in English per day and some creative workshops. All the accompanying programme has to do with horses in some way or another. During the summer holidays children are also taken to a natural swimming resort in Idrijska Bela.

Up to six children sleep in an appartment – little house near the stables. If more than six children want to join the camp, sleeping is arranged a couple of minutes’ drive away. If the children wish to sleep on the hay in the barn one night, we arrange that, too. They eat their lunches in the nearby restaurant.