Box rent for horses is offered in a brand new, light and airy brick stables. There are eight boxes, four of which have an open paddock. Horse boarding is paid per month, but if there are free boxes, weekly or daily rent is also possible.

Included in the price is:

  • rent of the horse box
  • use of the riding area (25 x 60) with jumping obstacles
  • use of other outdoor facilities (paddocks and grazing areas)
  • hay
  • strew  (in pellets,  totally dust-free)
  • work of the stableman(feeding  hay to horses 3times a day,taking the horses out to the paddocks and back in, cleaning the boxes twice a day)

For extra payment  extra attention can be given to the owner’s horse (long-lining, riding, etc.). In such cases weekly programme for the horse is made with the owner.

*veterinary and blacksmith services as well as stronger food and food extras are not included in the price.