Beginner's course

Beginner’s course consists of 10 lessons in which the course attendant gains a wide range of knowledge as regards the riding as well as the horse itself. The number of course attendants varies between 2 and 4. At the end of the course the rider will know how to treat a horse in a calm manner, how to clean it, put a saddle and a bridle on it. He/she will know how to lead the horse to the riding area and from it, how to take care of the equipment and the general cleanliness in the stables. Once mounted on a horse the rider will know how to lead it and correctly use commands during walk and trot. The first couple of hours are carried out on a long-line. Thus, the instructor can commit fully to an individual and teach him/her the right techniques and body position right from the start.

*it’s important to know that a lesson does not mean one hour of riding only, but it includes everything from preparation of the horse, riding and tending of the horse after the riding.